About Me


Hi guys! My name is Yifan Hao. I am attending the Dual Degree Program offered by University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and Shanghaijiaotong University. Currently I’m an undergraduate student major in Comuter Engineering in UofM.

I’m a fan of Computer Architecture and Embedded System because I’m always passionate about learning how a computer system really works. As the era of Internet of Things approaching, Embedded System also serves as the cornerstone subject of this field. I’m really looking forward to innovating how people interact with smart devices in the future!

I’ve been working on several projects focusing on ubiquitous computing and sensor network. I’m currently working as an undergraduate researcher in Embedded System Lab in University of Michigan, Ann Arbor instructed by Prof. Prabal Dutta and Branden Ghena. Check out our github for those awesome projects!

I also enjoyed playing basketball and working out, watching movie and TV shows, playing PS4, card games as well as traveling in my free time.

Feel free to contact me if you have more questions about me!